Your Fairy Godmother

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to daydream …


And as she grew up, she discovered that she possessed the gift of touch. She began working as a Make up artist, freelancing in film and video, and then became a licensed Aesthetician and Massage therapist.  For, it is said that our hands are an extension of our hearts and souls.  The healing power of touch led to many other relaxation techniques such as  reiki, shiatsu, yoga therapy, emotional freedom technique and meditation.

And then one day she attended the wedding of a very dear friend …



Hi!  I am Stephanie, and that little girl was me.

I am so in love with LOVE and can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than with a heartfelt, magical, wedding ceremony.  Creating meaningful celebrations and sharing love stories truly lights me up!

I actually began working as a freelance make-up artist.  I have worked on many indie films and photo shoots and within the last few years I have worked with many bridal parties.  Skin Care and Massage are in fact an extension of my heart and I have many “magic spells” to inspire relaxation and encourage the body’s natural healer to take over.

A few years ago I sat in a little healing circle and to my surprise the leader of circle came to me and told me that I was being called into the ministry.  I laughed.  About two years later I became a non-denominational minister after attending the weddings of dear friends.  I studied with the Celebrant Foundation and Institute to become a Life-Cycle Celebrant, aka your Fairy Godmother.  And I am here to help all your wishes come true and add some sparkle to your ceremony.

“Once in a while, in an Ordinary Life, LOVE gives us a Fairy tale…”

… Just think of me as your fairy godmother.